1. Are you looking forward to retirement?
    it might be time to start looking into a roth ira account. with a roth ira, you have the chance to reap tax-free rewards with no  mandatory distribution rules. That means you don’t have to touch the money if you don’t need it, giving your money the chance to grow tax-free. Just think of what your heirs will say when they inherit tax-free money?

  2. Are you going away on a business trip?
    If you’re planning to travel to another U.S. city on businiess you can add on a couple extra days for vacation. and here’s the best part, you can even deduct 100 percent of your airfare as long as the number of days spent on business is more than your vacation days.

  3. Do you work from home?
    Using part of your house or apartment for business means you May be able to claim deductions on the space. Since it is a part of your business, you might be illegible to write off things like real estate taxes, mortgage interest, rent, utilities, insurance, painting and even repairs.

  4. Have you recently made a charitable donation?
    Be sure and get a receipt for any cash contribution you give. And remember, there may be way for you to get money back for your donation. For example, if you donate one hundred dollars to a charity and receive a twenty-dollar gift in return, you can claim eighty-dollars as a charitable deduction.

  5. Are you an educator with classroom expenses?
    If you’re a teacher, a teacher’s aide or even a principal…you can qualify for a tax deduction for up to $250.00 - $500.00 if both you and your spouse are educators. This includes materials such as books, supplies and computer equipment that you bought in 2008.

  6. Are you hung up on student expenses?
    If you make less than sixty-five thousand dollars a year, you could earn back thousands of dollars in deductions on Tuition & fees paid to an accredited College, University or vocational school this past year. See if you qualify for the Hope and Lifetime Learning credits and you could earn back money you spent on school.

  7. Do you worry about paying for childcare?
    You may be eligible for a tax credit up to twenty-one hundred dollars.  Check to see if you qualify for the dependent care credit. If you pay for babysitters, day care, housekeepers oven day camp, you could get up to 35 percent in credit.

  8. Have you, or do you know someone who has recently adopted a child?
    The IRS has several adoption credits that can help you with your expenses.  You may qualify for a tax credit of over eleven thousand dollars per child. This covers adoption fees, attorney fees, court costs and even travel expenses.

  9. Are health insurance costs bringing you down?
    People who have health insurance but are still paying high deductibles may be able to start saving money in a health savings account. Check to see if you qualify for an HSA because if you’re uninsured, a health savings account might help to make health coverage more affordable.

  10. Do you help to pay for your family’s nursing home expenses?
    Ask to see if you qualify for a medical expanse deduction for your family. As long as the admission to the facility is primarily for medical treatment, you could earn back money depending on what you spent.

  11. Are you wondering what to do with your college scholarships?
    If you are currently enrolled for a degree and you receive a scholarship or grant, you may qualify for a deduction. You can excluded the costs of tuition, Books, supplies and course fees from the grant – that means you won’t be taxed on free money.

  12. Are you curious as how to write off your student loans?
    Depending on your income, you may be eligible to deduct up to twenty-five hundred dollars of interest. As long as you continue to pay off the qualified loan you may be able to get some help in paying it off – giving you more time and money.

  13. Have you, or are you looking to move?
    You may be able to catch a break on moving expenses such as the cost of packing, travel, lodging and gas. Ask about how to qualify with the distance and time tests. Because there is no dollar limit on the amount of deductions, you could earn back more than you think.

  14. Have you recently been affected by a natural disaster?
    If you suffer from property damage or loss you could qualify for some tax relief. Call to see if you are eligible to claim the deductions for either the year of the loss or the year before.

  15. Curious if your vehicle registration fees and tax are deductible?
    They just might be if your car or truck is used primarily for personal use. You may be able to deduct those auto registration fees depending on the value of the car.

    Additional Tax Tips
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